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We create professional logos and complete corporate identity in high quality at low price.
Do you need a new logo, or upgrade your existing logo? Then you've come to the right place! We create original logo according to your requirements, we update your existing logo, or modify the logo from our wide range of ready prepared logos and corporate identity.

Below are listed prices and logo service variants. To order please use the order form. We also offer other graphic services.

New logo design

Type of logoVariantsPrice
3D logo design - 1 variant1450 lei
2D logo design - 3 variants3320 lei
2D logo design - 1 variant1210 lei

Logo redesign

2D logo redesign - 1 variant190 lei
2D logo redesign - 5 variants5180 lei
2D logo redesign - >5 variants5270 lei
other modifications (individual price)0

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

The new logo is delivered in EPS format. For a fee 35 lei convert your logo into AI, JPG, TIFF, 2D logo also into PDF, SVG..

We look forward to create or edit your logo and corporate identity.

Why should you choose just us

  • Logo create professional graphic designers who specialize in logos
  • The cheapest 2D logo we will create from 210 lei fara TVA
  • You will get the Exlusive license to your new logo
  • We own database of thousands of logos and corporate identities from which we can draw
  • We own illustrations and vectors for use in the creation of logos
  • We create logos quickly and efficiently
  • We provide a guarantee for all services

Order now

Write us your idea of logo appearance. Precise specifying helps our designer to create your logo according to your idea.

Type of logo / adjusts

Exac text of logo

What does it symbolize?
What branch?

Expected colors
(light/dark, number, use)

Logo Style (serious/playful, robust/fine, technical/illustration, modern/traditional)

Appearance (female/male/ neutral, modern/traditional/ conservative)

Provide to designer another information such as: Brief introduction of the company, Competitive advantages and value, Target group, Examples of logos that you are interested and more... It can help to approach your ideas.


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